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Human Resources Specialist

Sparta Area Schools
Job Description
This is a specific set of tasks that are representative of most frequently anticipated responsibilities. These should not be interpreted as the only responsibilities performed. Workloads may necessitate temporarily performing responsibilities typically assigned to others in the same department.
  1. Ensure that all state and federal Employee Benefit Notice Requirements are provided to the appropriate parties in accordance with regulatory timeframes and methods of distribution.
  2. Draft, review, and revise, the district’s human resources policies and procedures, including the employee handbook.
  3. Perform reviews to ensure that the district is in compliance with FLSA. Provide additional communications and training on FLSA, as needed.
  4. Maintain the Skyward Employee Access System for Time-Off, including set-up and year-end rollovers. Approve and track leaves of absence and medical leaves.
  5. Accumulate ACA hours for each employee, analyze employees and health insurance and prepare annual ACA reporting requirements.
  6. Manage the unemployment benefits and corresponding reporting.
  7. Manage the district’s FMLA program.
  8. Assist in creating and documenting reasonable accommodations in accordance with ADA and workers compensation law.
  9. Approve and track personal day requests.
  10. Track years of service for all district employees.
  11. Run all district background checks and monitor the CCAP system.
Compensation Packages
  1. Work directly with the Director of Business Services to analyze the district’s compensation packages to ensure they meet the needs of district employees.
  2. Communicate benefits to employees, including coordinating an annual employee benefits and wellness fair.
  3. Participate on the Insurance Committee.
  4. Create Total Compensation Statements for distribution to all district employees.
  5. Assist the Director of Business Services in maintaining, updating, and tracking staffing positions and employee placement.
  6. Draft and issue employment contracts and work agreements.
Employee Retention
  1. Work with the Communications Coordinator to implement a strategic communication plan for each of our employee groups.
  2. Monitor, approve, and retain all employee surveys for the district.
    1. Develop action plans based on the results of the survey data.
  1. Accumulate and report data and survey results to applicable parties including, but not limited to, district administration and the Board of Education.
Employment Practices
  1. Update and maintain accurate and consistent job descriptions for all positions in the district.
  2. Develop a recruitment and selection policy which to include best practices for interviewing and screening applicants for open positions. After development, ensure these practices are being followed consistently throughout the district.
  3. Maintain all position and applicant interview documents.
  4. Initiate the onboarding process, including coordinating new employee physicals.
  5. Meet with the new hires to review employee benefits, the employee handbook and other district policies and procedures
  6. Facilitate employee exit interviews and provide feedback to appropriate personnel.
Other duties as assigned.
  1. Four-year degree in accounting or business administration (emphasis in Human Resources, preferred).
  2. Knowledge of and experience using computers, phones, and other appropriate technology.
  3. Knowledge of and experience using Skyward Human Resources and Financial Management software (preferred), MS Office software, and Google Suite.
  4. Knowledge of and experience using the Wisconsin Uniform Financial Accounting Requirements (preferred).
  5. Knowledge of payroll processing and reporting including but not limited to: federal and state payroll tax requirements.
  6. Ability to effectively communicate payroll, benefits, policies, and other type of human resources information, both orally and in writing, to a variety of individuals.
  7. Ability to handle multiple projects (be flexible) and prioritize tasks simultaneously in an organized and timely manner, in an unsupervised environment.
  8. Possess attention to detail.
  9. Ability to maintains a positive and professional attitude and remain confidential at all times.
Work Schedule:           Monday – Friday  7:30 – 4:00   Salaried Position
Apply through WECAN on or before July 19, 2018
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